Sumario - Volumen 14, Nº 3, 2020


The comparison of the effect of garlic and lemon juice on blood pressure and comfort in hypertensive patients

Three-dimensional analysis of the human kidney arterial bed

Hindrances to the implementation of family-centered care approach: a grounded theory study

Investigating the relationship between DMFT index of pregnant women and neonates’ low birth weight in Hamadan in 2016

Investigating the status of successful aging based on selection, optimization and compensation model and its relationship with some demographic variables in elderly population of Shiraz, southwest of Iran, 2018

Self-Management experiences in Guillain Barre syndrome patients: a phenomenological study

Early detection of left ventricular dysfunction in chronic myeloid leukemia patients receiving tyrosine kinase inhibitor (Imatinib): using global longitudinal strain

Comparison of fetal Doppler indices and growth in pregnancies with anterior or posterior placental position

The role of transvaginal and Doppler ultrasound in differentiating benign from malignant endometrial pathologies in women with postmenopausal bleeding

Autonomic symptoms in patients with migraine

Reliability of two dimensions measurement of fetal thalamus as fetal growth parameter, using ultrasound of fetal brain

Intracranial hemorrhages in pediatric age group in Babylon province

Hábitos alimentarios en el adulto mayor con hipertensión arterial

Una revisión actual de las técnicas computacionales para la caracterización de enfermedades vinculadas con la válvula aórtica

Usefulness of calcium score and computed tomography images in patients with nonspecific chest pain: A case report

A computational methodology for the staging of lung tumors considering geometric descriptors

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